San Rafael River Adventure

Travel Date: November 2016 Looking for something unconventional? This is the place to be. Three words, Peace of Mind. This was the first thing I felt upon entering the gates of San Rafael River Adventure. The ambiance was so peaceful it will sweep you off your itchy feet. The cool breeze of air compliments the... Continue Reading →


Galleria Taal + Taal Heritage Town

Travel Date: September 2016 At long last! This place is my heaven! Finally got the chance to visit this place. It's not a perfect visit for me though because I didn't meet Sir Manny. He is the collector of these vintage cameras. 😦 BRING ME THERE! >Ride the Jam Liner bus going to Lemery Batangas... Continue Reading →

That place called “Ganduyan”

Travel Date: April 2015 Want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Manila? Well, this place is perfect for you. From the cold weather, friendly locals, native food and serene view - I bet you would want to stay here for good! Just like what I've felt a year ago when I... Continue Reading →

The end of the north|Palaui Island

Travel Date: June 2016 Who would have thought my feet would bring me here?! An island located off the northeastern extremity of Luzon Island. The largest island in the country. Amazing! 😉 This place is a 12-hour bus ride from Manila to Tuguegarao and another 3-hour ride from Tuguegarao to Sta Ana Cagayan. BRING ME THERE!... Continue Reading →

Surfing Haven|Baler Aurora

Travel Date: August 2016 YES! It's long weekend! And you know what it means right?? It's vacay time for us! Sharing you our 3-day travel experience in Baler Aurora, the surfing haven for people who loves to surf like me. However, when we get there, the waves didn't welcome us. I don't know what happened,... Continue Reading →

Callao Cave | Tuguegarao

Travel Date: June 2016 Sharing you my travel in Tuguegarao City Cagayan. I was here last June 24-27 to celebrate my soon to be husband's natal day and of course I want to grab the opportunity as well to explore the province. By the way, I am a John Lloyd fan and I love him... Continue Reading →

Clouds at your feet for PHP145.00!

Travel Date: August 2016 Clouds at your feet at a fair price of PHP145.00 is an experience worth having. Let your mind be blown away by nature! (It's PHP145 because I've literally spent only for the registration fee and tour guide shared fee -excluding misc. Hehe!) Mt. Cayabu + Mt. Maynuba + 8 Wonderfalls It... Continue Reading →

Cebu City|South Cebu

Travel Date: May 2016 Orraayt! For the first time BBG was able to go out of Luzon! Isn't that amazing? 🙂 We went to Cebu last May 29-31, 2016. We booked in advance so that we can take advantage of airline sale and it only cost us 1500.00 each for a round trip ride via... Continue Reading →

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