Cebu City|South Cebu

Travel Date: May 2016

Orraayt! For the first time BBG was able to go out of Luzon! Isn’t that amazing? 🙂

We went to Cebu last May 29-31, 2016. We booked in advance so that we can take advantage of airline sale and it only cost us 1500.00 each for a round trip ride via Air Asia. Most people doesn’t like this airline because the service sucks and the flight is always delayed. So what?! Damn. I really don’t care as long as I get to my destination the same day that’s fine. And people should really be used to that. It’s not only Air Asia who have flight delays! We have other airlines too… So be fair people of the PH!

Going back…

There’s a lot to visit in Cebu and I would really suggest you stay there for 5 days if you really want to visit most of the tourist attractions there. In our case, we only stayed for 3 days that’s why we had to squeeze in all activities as much as we can so that we can really have a good experience of Cebu. We didn’t sleep, we didn’t eat on time, we were like zombies during day time but we had fun!

Here it is… snapshots of our Cebu escapades!

13319942_10208600236436105_2143020574613569027_nWe have arrived in Cebu!


During our first day, we were picked up by Celin’s cousin. (Yey! Buti nalang libre.). We went to the famous ZubuChon and wow it was sooo delicioso! So this is how Cebu lechon taste like? I would want to come back every weekend… Yummy!



Opppss! I almost forgot, when you eat in ZubuChon please try the  Kamias shake. It’s heaven!


We stayed in a lodge somewhere near the city and we only paid for P200.00 each good for 2 days. It was actually a relative of Celin Gay. Thanks to her we were able to save money for the accommodation!

These are the activities we did during our first day:

Moalboal Sardines Run

In Moalboal, you will find the famous “school of fish”or the Sardines run. If you know how to swim, good for you because you can go deeper however if you don’t, then too bad for you… You’ll have to use a life vest but won’t be able to swim with the fish. HAHA!

Met the Kikay of Cebu! 🙂

–2-hour ride via commute – we rode a van and a tricycle going to Moalboal around 1pm. We reached our destination around 3pm. Going back to the city was a bit hard since there were no vans anymore so we waited for a Bus… We were in Cebu city around 8pm–

Sky Adventure




13342943_10208624031972080_1179771385421768380_n(Bawal mag picture sa loob mismo… Kaya nung naka attire na kame hindi na kame nakapagpa picture. Huhu! This was around 11pm – no eat, no sleep yet)

Larsian Ihaw Ihaw 


13339524_10208624025651922_6742023432964599162_n.jpgThis was around 12mn and our call time for the next activity was 2am. Literally no sleep!

By the way… I’ve met a dog who doesn’t have her front legs. Good thing his owner is very nice to her.



Oslob Whale Shark Viewing 

Time check: 2am prep time for Oslob whale shark activity. Good thing we were able to find a ride that would bring us to South Cebu.

For whale shark activity, you have to be there as early as you can because it becomes crowded around 7am. 13321888_10208600244876316_1122513119480684587_n13330914_10208600249876441_6547946380333468162_nThis was the most painful part… My camera run out of battery that’s why didn’t have enough photos for this activity!!! No photos with the whale and doesn’t know how to swim. Good eh huh?

We’ve met this tourist from Argentina. A solo traveler and a really good swimmer.
After Whale shark activity… Otw to Canyoneering jump off area.

Badian Canyoneering 


13315365_10208623855087658_6155125947041294940_n.jpgI must say that this was the most enjoyable part of my trip in Cebu. I really had fun jumping, swimming (with life vest), walking for 3 hours. I’ll be back for you Canyoneering! I’ve conquered 30 feet free fall jump! (My apology for the poor photo resolution)

13339478_10208600239276176_3298127580119951771_nAfter the activity, we took a rest and this was the view from our room – Kawasan falls. We were able to book a room good for 6 for P1500. Amazing view Lord God! Perfect!


City Tour and Pasalubong

The best part my our third day… I saw Jean, my former colleague and housemate.

There’s nothing much to say with our Day 3. We just prep  for our flight, bought pasalubong, visited the church and that’s it.


I’ve asked each one of them to bring P5,000.00 for their Cebu budget. This doesn’t include the airfare and Pasalubong. Accommodation in Cebu is cheap however renting a car will really cost a fortune! If you are more than 10 in the group,  you won’t be paying too much for the car rental so better get people to travel with you if you !

Here’s the breakdown of our expenses:

First day:

brunch in ZubuChon: P250.00 each

Fares going in and out of Moalboal: P240 each

Snorkeling gears: P150 each

Guide Tip and wash area: 80 each

Sky Adventure: P750 each

Larsian Dinner: P150.00

= P1370.00

Second day:

Oslob: P500.00

Canyoneering with lunch: P1,100.00 each

Kasawan room: P250.00 each

Habal Habal going out of Kawasan: P100.00 each

Car rental: P833.00 each


Third day:

Car rental going to Cebu city: P417.00 each

breakfast: P250.00 each

= P667.00

Who to Contact?

Visit their FB page to check on the latest rates for Canyoneering. They own the lodges in Kawasan falls too. They can book a room for you just in case you want to stay there after the activity.

Jojo Indino: 09158561375

All you need to do is contact him and he will arrange everything for you. For Cebu tours and package rates, just ask him. He’s a nice person and accommodating. Thanks Kuya Jojo for assisting us in our Moalboal trip!


-Osmena Peak
-Sirao Flower farm
-Temple of Leah
-Mainit Sprint in Malabuyoc
-Taoist Temple
-Sumilon Island Sandbar
-Carcar Market for Cebu Lechon

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog for DIY Cebu. Till next time! Chow!

Most of all, thank you BBG for a wonderful experience! You guys are the best!


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