Clouds at your feet for PHP145.00!

Travel Date: August 2016

Clouds at your feet at a fair price of PHP145.00 is an experience worth having. Let your mind be blown away by nature!

(It’s PHP145 because I’ve literally spent only for the registration fee and tour guide shared fee -excluding misc. Hehe!)

Mt. Cayabu + Mt. Maynuba + 8 Wonderfalls

It was Sunday when we went here for a day trek. For the interest of time and convenience, Daddy Ted brought his own “expedition” and it only took us less than 2 hours to reach Tanay Rizal.

Of course, you have to register first.

Jump Off point: Mar’nings Farm and Resort
Registration Fee: P20.00/pax
Guide fee: P500.00 for 5 pax (day trek) ; Overnight guide fee is Php1,250.00



There’s a small Carenderia in the jump off area just in case you get hungry. Their Papaitan is so sarap! YUMYUM!

Time Check – 5:30am. Let’s start!


“Walk in the park”… (I thought…)

According to hearsay, the trail is like a walk in the park. It is almost true up until I was greeted by a 5 inch thick of pure mud. I tripped a lot of times and by the time I was able to reach the summit, I already looked like a mud wrestler that came from a fight! HAHA!

Not the peak yet… but I am getting a glimpse now of the clouds!


YEY! Reached Mt. Cayabu peak! 🙂
Our Kuya guide! (sorry I forgot his name)

 I wanted to commend our tour guide for sharing the story of his love life to make the trip more enjoyable. And sorry Kuya but I am pretty sure your name is Nilo.

“Mahilig kame sa Suso”

Yey! Yey! Yey!


Alright! After 15 minutes rest, time to walk again…

When I say it’s muddy… It’s really muddy!

Reached our second peak, Mt. Maynuba!

Okay itong si Kuya guide. May dalang Electric fan!

Dahil nandito nako, grab ko na un opportunity para madalaw ko si Caio. Sya yun Golden Retriever na namatay sa Mt. Maynuba dahil sa sobrang init.

Caio’s grave…

One of the many reasons why I wanted to be here. If you are a climber, you came across with this story – a brave golden retriever who conquered the summit. I was really moved by the story and as a dog lover, I’ve felt the urge to visit his grave and pay respect.


Time to go to the falls!

The enchanted waterfalls. One of the highlights of the trip. Its beauty is intertwined with stories about fairies and water nymphs. Although we never experience it first hand, paying respect to nature is a rule you must not forget. 

Beware guys! This is the coldest water I’ve ever deep my feet into. Well at least by far..

On our way back to the jump off point…


PHP500 – tour guide fee / 4 = PHP125

PHP20 – registration fee

FREE – transportation (thanks Daddy Ted!)

PHP50 – Manang’s food

Tips and FYIs:

-Please do not forget to bring insect repellant lotion.
-Wear rashguards and leggings with shorts to protect you from the heat of the sun.
-Wear head gear!
-Bring water and trail food!

I am not a pro climber but it really gives me the feeling of wanting to be on the mountain always because of God’s amazing creation. I do not care if I get tired, if it’s muddy, or if there’s no restroom… because I know that what makes a good climb! Plus the people you meet on the trail, amazing right?! Happy Climbing!



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