Callao Cave | Tuguegarao

Travel Date: June 2016

Sharing you my travel in Tuguegarao City Cagayan.

I was here last June 24-27 to celebrate my soon to be husband’s natal day and of course I want to grab the opportunity as well to explore the province. By the way, I am a John Lloyd fan and I love him so much that’s why I was so eager to visit Tuguegarao because they shot the movie “The mistress” in Callao cave.

Callao Cave in Tuguegarao

photo not mine


  • From town proper, you have to ride a “traysi” (a term they use for tricycle) and pay an amount of P50 good for 5 pax to bring you to the Penablanca terminal.
  • From Penablanca terminal, ride a traysi going to Callao cave. Fare is P40\pax.
  • Registration fee for Callao is P20\pax
  • To get to the main point of Callao Cave, you will ride a boat for P10\pax. This is just a 2 minute ride.
  • Once you get there, a tour guide will assist you. Please take note that there is no standard fee for tour guides. When I visited Callao cave I only gave P100 to the tour guide.
FYI – There are no traysi terminals from the Callao drop off point that would bring you back to Tuguegarao town proper. We were just picked up by the tricycle who brought us there and paid P240.00. (40*6) Maybe you can also do the same. 


Boat is for P10.00 each to be able to cross the other side where Callao cave is located.



Yay! We are here! 🙂
Ooopps. Oh NO. 184 steps before the cave. 😦



Inside the Callao Cave…


13524329_10208772294297444_7637176522565531050_n (1)


Our tour guide knows some camera tricks!


The Kids of Callao!



After our Callao Cave tour, it’s time to try their version of Halo Halo! Yummy!



  • Church Hopping (St. Peter and Paul and Our lady of Piat)
  • Penacanauan River
  • Buntun Bridge
  • Bluewater falls and cave in Baggao Cagayan (2-hour van ride with last trip until 2pm)


  • Barako Boy Coffee
  • The famous “Pancit batil Patong” and “Pancit Cabagan”. A must try guys! 🙂

13512232_10208772293937435_4331055732361154436_n (1)



  • Bus fare is P750.00 (Five star and Florida De luxe/Super Deluxe). For Sleeper bus of Florida, that will cost you P900.00.
  • Hotel or lodge is less than P1200 good for two. There are fan rooms for P500.00
  • Food allowance is  p100.00 per meal.
  • If you are going outside Tuguegarao, fare is around P100 (going to Baggao Cagayan) and P180 (going to Sta Ana Cagayan).
  • For “Blue water and Caves” activity, it would require you to rent a tricycle for P500 from Dapir to Jump Off.



You have to book in advance to secure a seat.

There are still tourist spots on this place. If you have plans of visiting, just google it and you’ll be satisfied!

It’s very hot in Tuguegarao. Please prepare for it! 🙂

There are cheap hotels and lodges in town proper. When I was there, I booked in Mango Suites for P1200 per night. 

Please visit Don Domingo Market. They have the best Tuguegarao longganisa!

I’ve heard from some folks that this place is considered as “red zone” so be cautious all the time. It’s better to visit Tuguegarao with friends or families. If you plan to go solo, please consider all the risks. 


Next main Activity? —– PALAUI ISLAND!



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