Surfing Haven|Baler Aurora

Travel Date: August 2016

YES! It’s long weekend! And you know what it means right?? It’s vacay time for us!

Sharing you our 3-day travel experience in Baler Aurora, the surfing haven for people who loves to surf like me. However, when we get there, the waves didn’t welcome us. I don’t know what happened, but Sabang beach was very calm when we were there. That’s a bit disappointing for me because I came there to surf! That’s Baler. Duh? Well, I guess this is not yet the right time for me to experience the wonders of Sabang waves. 😦

We still had fun during our stay because the weather was good. We’ve explored the city, cherished the view and enjoyed the food. The serene northeastern beach, blue sky and sunset – definitely a WOW.


From Manila:

GENESIS Bus line offers a daily trip to Baler, Aurora (AC). First trip is 3am and their last trip is at 7:30am.

Fare is P450 -P550 with travel time of 6 hours.

You can also try their Joybus De Luxe bus for P700 -P750. The service include snacks, blankets and pillows. And I almost forgot! They have a stewardess to assist you with your needs! 🙂

Their bus station in Baler is located in Brgy Sabang with first trip of 4:30am. Please check their website for more information:  



Almost zero visibility because of heavy rain when we were on our way to Baler Aurora. I didnt expect that we have to pass by a mountain (nazigzagzoned kame!). Good thing, Lloyd was very careful. He kept us safe during the trip. From Dagupan to Baler, our travel time was almost 8 hours. We reached our lodge around 8pm. We just ate right away and took a nice rest to prepare for tomorrow’s activities.


When we reached Baler, we ate in “Baler Surfer Grill”. A lot of people wanted to take photos with the “Volkswagen beetle car grill” because of it’s unique and trendy concept. The restaurant is located at the bay walk area of Sabang beach with an awesome ambiance of Nipa hut, surfing boards, wooden tables and chairs. The food is great and every meal they have is a must try!

Good Morning Baler!

Breakfast time!


It was 9 in the morning when we started our Baler tour. We were picked up by Kuya Kristian, a trusted tour guide in Baler.

We visited the FF tourist destinations:

  • Museo De Baler
  • Dona Aurora House (wife of Manuel Quezon)
  • Hanging Bridge
  • Ermita Hill
  • Diguisit  Falls
  • Rock Formation
  • Mother Falls
  • Balete Tree


Registration fee’s

  • Museo de Baler and Dona Aurora house – P30.00
  • For Rock Formation – P20.00
  • Ermita Hill – free
  • Diguisit Falls – free


We had our lunch in one of Baler’s eat all you can, “Gerry shan’s”. For only P200.00, you can eat whatever you want. NO LIMIT! This is located in the town proper of Baler. If your lodge is located in Sabang beach, you can ask a tricycle driver to bring you here for P15 pesos each. There’s a tricycle terminal beside Yellow Fin’s bar and grill.


And our last stop…

Mother Falls

You have to pay P30.00 and walk for 3o minutes if you want to visit Mother falls. We were here around 4 in the afternoon and it was very crowded. I guess it’s better to visit this place in the morning as what mentioned by Kuya. We should have listened! Hehe!

We were supposed to visit Balete tree but it’s raining so we’ve decided to go home and just reschedule it for tomorrow.

We went back to our lodge around 5pm. We’ve planned to do our last activity, “surfing” but no waves. The beach was very calm  so we just decided to take a rest and eat dinner at Yellow Fin bar. I must say that this is a must try! The food was Delicioso!


It’s the famous Paco Salad of Baler.

Sabang beach in the morning…

BALETE tree located in Aurora.

The saddest part of every travel is when it’s time to leave the place. Baler is a place that would make you want to come back every now and then because of it’s ambiance. It’s not the typical beach like Puerto Galera or Boracay. There are no parties here. There are no bars with loud music and it’s not crowded. You can really have a good feel of the beach and it’s fine black sand. And it’s clean! I guess they have people maintaining the cleanliness of Sabang beach.

Who to contact?

If ever you feel you want to visit Baler, please call or text Kuya Kristian at 09066814814. For only P800.00 (good for 3-4), he will bring you famous Baler tourist destinations. He’s very nice and a good photographer. Just a head’s up, he loves panoramic styled photos! 🙂

Where to stay?

We stayed at Yishin lodge located near the bay walk of Sabang beach. For only P1200 (AC room) and P800 (fan room) per night, you can already have a feel good stay of Baler. We’ve stayed in a fan room and and surprisingly, it’s cold like an AC room. They offer 5% discount also. Please visit their FB page or call them at 09469940928.

Yishin’s lodge


How much is the budget?

For group of 4, the budget is P3000 each including accommodation, fares, activities and food. Not bad e? But I suggest you bring P4000 for other expenses like pasalubong.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog about Baler. This is just a DIY trip. The cost of travel may vary depending on the activities you’ll have, preferred accommodation and food. Till next time byahero’s! 🙂

And before I forget… Special shout out to Andrew and Claire for making this trip a memorable one! Till our next travel!





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