The end of the north|Palaui Island

Travel Date: June 2016

Who would have thought my feet would bring me here?! An island located off the northeastern extremity of Luzon Island. The largest island in the country. Amazing! 😉

This place is a 12-hour bus ride from Manila to Tuguegarao and another 3-hour ride from Tuguegarao to Sta Ana Cagayan.


You have the option to ride a bus going to Tuguegarao Cagayan via Florida bus or Victory Liner located at Cubao and Kamias QC. Bus fare is P650 -P700 for a 12 hour travel time.

For the interest of time, you may want to ride  plane via PAL or Cebu Pacific but it would really be pricey.

From Tuguegarao, you will need to ride a UV express going to Sta Ana and pay an amount of P180.00 to bring you to the fish port where the boats are waiting. They leave the city as early as 5am.

FYI: There’s also a direct bus going to Sta Ana Cagayan via Florida bus. Please google their schedule and  book in advance to secure a seat. 

When you get to the fish port of Sta Ana, all you need to do is register. Actually, you dont need a contact when you plan to go to Palaui Island. They have a small office where you need to register and you just need to let them know what tours are you getting.

Check this link to view standard rate for different tours: 

(boat can accommodate 8 pax good for 6 hours)

We are on our way to Palaui Island. P1800.00 for 2 pax Cape Engano tour only. This would have been much cheaper if we were in group.


You have to trek for 15 minutes to get to the lighthouse.
Yey! We’re here! 🙂



View of Don Hermanas Islet from the lighthouse Cape Engano



After our Cape Engano tour, Kuya boatman offered to bring us to Crocodile Island and Mangroves section – without additional charge!!! WOW! So much blessing that day. Kuya offered a free tour! I just couldn’t believe it!!! 🙂

On our way to Crocodile Island and Mangroves section. Weeh! I am EGgzooited!
This is the sand of Crocodile Island. And yes you can swim on its crystal clear water and cream fine sand. How amazing it is!


Our last stop was the Mangrove section…

13516427_10208772337058513_7670569928376275186_n (1)
This is what they call the “Mangroves crossing”

That’s the end of our Palaui Island tour. We were able to visit 3 tourist destinations. Our time didn’t permit us to go to other places. Just in case you want to check on this place, there’s a lot of activities to try:

  • Check out Siwangag Cove
  • visit Anguib beach
  • Mapurao island
  • Falls in San Vicente Palaui Island
  • And if you have the time, visit “San Jacinto de Polonia Church” in Camalaniugan Cagayan. this is just an hour away from Sta Ana Cagayan. You will find here the oldest bell in PH.


Travel TIPS: 

  • You’ll have to pay a registration fee at the jump off area of Cape Engano. This can be waived if you tell them you are from one of the towns of Cagayan. That’s what Kuya boatman advised us! HEHE!
  • No need for a tour guide. You can just ask the boatman’s assistant to guide you going to the lighthouse.
  • Wear your rashguard and aqua shoes when swimming. Also, If you want to preserve the color of your skin, don’t forget your sunblock. You’ll be toasted alive! There is no shade in crocodile island.
  • Bring food and water.


Who to contact?

Like what I’ve said earlier, there is no need for a contact since they already have an organization and they stick with the standard rates. But we were able to call Kuya Dennis for our tour.He was really nice and accommodating. He even offered his house so that we can take a bath.

Kuya Dennis – 09756736903

Kuya Ariel –  09351228545 (You can try to call him. He has his own boat too.)

Where to stay?

You have the option to stay in Tuguegarao city or in Sta Ana Cagayan. There are hostels and lodges in Sta Ana. When I was there, I stayed in Mango Suites located in the town proper of Tuguegarao.

How much is  the budget?

You can really save money in Palaui Island tour if you are in group. But for a solo traveler like me, it will cost you too much. I’ve spent around P6,000 including my Tuguegarao tour, food, fares, accommodation and pasalubong for 2 nights and 3 days.

Breakdown Expenses (Palaui tour only):

P180.00 – Fare from Tuguegarao to Sta Ana Fish Port
P30.00 – Fish port to UV Express terminal
P180.00 – Sta Ana to Tuguegarao
P1800.00 -Palaui Island boat rental for Cape Engano tour
P200.00 – Food

I hope you find my blog useful in your future trip to Palaui. Till our next travel! 😉



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