Galleria Taal + Taal Heritage Town

Travel Date: September 2016

At long last! This place is my heaven! Finally got the chance to visit this place. It’s not a perfect visit for me though because I didn’t meet Sir Manny. He is the collector of these vintage cameras. 😦


>Ride the Jam Liner bus going to Lemery Batangas (PHP178). Terminal is located in Kamuning QC.
>Drop off point is at Flying V gasoline station in Taal.
>Ride a tricycle (PHP10/pax) going to Taal Heritage Town or you can already ask him to bring you to the place where you want to go.

(same route going back to Manila)

I am here! 🙂



Haay. How I wish I could bring em all! I soo love cameras. And I am really in awe to be here on this place! Can I have one of these please?!


And because I am already in Taal heritage town, I took the chance to visit Taal Basicilica, Taal Museum and Caysasay.

Taal Basilica




Taal Museum 


Your way up to the Bell tower
Wondering how old this piano…


The Bell Tower. This is where you can see Taal town. Literally on top of the church! Sorry I dont have any photos at the balcony.


Caysasay Church

Compared to it’s neighbor Taal Basilica, this is definitely smaller and less old but it has it’s own charm and historic beauty. According to the story, there was a fisherman named Juan Maningcad who caught this small image of Mama Mary when he was fishing. That was in 1603. The image glowed and sparkled when it was caught by the fisherman so he started praying.

When the parish learned about it, they took care of it. Then the story about disappearing Mama mary was discovered. Every everning, the image would disappear and reappear in the morning. But one day, the image didnt return anymore.

Few years later, a native girl found the image of Mama Mary in the springwater surrounded by Kasay Kasay birds, near the place where it was originally located by the fisherman. From that time, the water coming from the spring was believed to have miraculous properties. The place is now called Sta Lucia healing well.


The way going to the healing well of Sta Lucia


The arch that marks the site where the woman saw the image of Mama Mary
Healing well – One is for your face, and the other one is for drinking. They say the waters’ healing powers is lost after each use that’s why a fresh bucket must be drawn for the next person.


A must try halo halo by the car wash! It’s like Razon’s version of halo halo. So delicioso! Located in front of Agoncillo Mansion



-visit Agoncillo Mansion
-Paradores del Castillo

Taal Heritage town is a must to visit. You dont need to travel 12 hours just to get to Vigan or Ilocos. This place is really nice if you are avoiding the hassle of traveling too far! 🙂


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