My name is Karen and I am just a lady with immature sense of humor who loves to travel and explore the unexplored. I love taking photos using my mirrorless camera named “Shooty”. Constantly on the lookout for the best places, activities, food, lodging, and cultures.

Pregunto A Vagar is a Spanish phrase for “Wonder to Wander”. For me, traveling is like a piece of medicine for my wandering soul. I am always curious about the things that are waiting for me, what I can discover and what I can become if I continue to pursue what I like – to travel point to point. And for me to know the answers to these questions, I wander. I go everywhere.

That’s the reason why I set up this site for me to share to everyone how amazing it is to be part of this country. Yes. You’ve read it right. My goal is to visit every province of our beloved country and write something about it before I go overseas. I’ll share with my readers all the places they can visit, who to contact, where to stay, what to eat and how to “not” spend too much … That’s basically it! I’m going to write every good stuff about each place I conquer.

I hope you guys will love it.

Happy reading!:)



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